Halloween Waste

I absolutely love Halloween, it's up there with Christmas for me, but over the years the one thing I have noticed is how much waste comes from it, particularly plastic waste, if you roam the shops today in search of decorations or costumes you will be hit with rails and shelves filled with plastic, plastic pumpkins, plastic eyeballs, plastic wigs, plastic devil forks, plastic everywhere.

An estimated 83% of costume materials are made from oil-based plastics.

Polyester, a know plastic polymer, was found in 69% of all materials. In 2019 in the UK, costumes were estimated to make up 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste, that is  enough plastic to make 83 million bottles. 

An estimated 30 million people just around the UK dress up for Halloween. Combine that with all countries celebrating Halloween and that’s a lot of waste.

Remember this doesn't even include food waste!

So what can you do to help this ever increasing issue, well obviously the first is to search for secondhand costumes, trawl Ebay, Facebook the charity shops, ask friends if they have anything that they no longer need, secondly make it yourself, we all know how to chuck on a sheet and cut holes out of it to play ghosts!

Or you know what, look on all those crafty pages and websites and search for independents who make them, like me, I make some beautifully non scary masks from super soft felt that won't cut into your eyeballs like the plastic masks and they fit all sizes and ages and last for years and years they hardly take up any room in the loft, and they won't break and snap if you pile a load of stuff on them, this is what happens in my loft!

Now what about all those poor old pumpkins that spend days sitting on your windowsill front step getting mouldy and squishy, well bag them up and bring them to me, as long as they are not painted, my piggies absolutely love them, and so do the chickens!

However you have decided to spend your Halloween make sure it's as plastic free and as waste free as possible, I know lots of pubs in our local area are throwing Halloween celebrations, which has to be the best way to celebrate, they do the cooking serve on non plastic plates, they do the washing up and their decorations are used year after year!

Have a spooky one!