Green Friday

What is Green Friday.

Green Friday (also known as the 'anti-Black-Friday movement') was started to help raise awareness about the impact of society's shopping habits. 

Green Friday challenges shoppers to not rush to the shops and get sucked in by all the amazing deals, but instead choose to shop sustainable brands or not shop at all, think do you need it or do you want it?!

I understand it can be difficult to resist those 50% off sales tags, research says most shoppers tend to buy more than they need (or even want) on Black Friday, than any given day, but this adds to that throwaway fashion which is putting "increasing pressure" on our planet and its people, take a minute to think about whether you really need that item and why. If you must purchase something for that little Black Friday buzz, then shop local, support that artist that lives down the road from you, that mum of 4 that is sitting at her sewing machine making the most of her kids being at school, the dad that is braving all weathers to get the best photographs, shopping locally and small is the "easiest way to reduce the carbon footprint of our purchases while supporting small businesses and local families.

Due to the pandemic, local retailers need support from customers more than ever so Black Friday seems like a great place to start and change those shopping habits.