Well that was an amazing announcement yesterday, however it has missed with my head, YESSSSSSSSSSSS the kids can go back to school, NOOOO I can't see my family and friends and I am struggling with which way to go with the shop, technically I can open today because our shop is classed as essential, however I have got nothing, absolutely nothing done at home or in the shop, because like all parents I have been home schooling the kids since January, my brain is frazzled and I feel a little bit burnt out, I am definitely in need of a holiday, although I'm sure that won't happen until Autumn, the camping season looks like it's going to be another busy one, so the best I can do is enjoy some time to myself, walking the pup on the beach in the sunshine (when it's here!)

It's taking a lot of thought but I am putting off opening the shop until April the 12th, this is when we can open up the campsite and if I'm honest there will be a lot more people about, also by then I will have got all the jobs finished that I wanted to get done, had a little me time, and I really need to redecorate the house, some rooms haven't had a lick of paint for 6 years!!!

So In Short, Shop online, 

pick up in-store.

And while your'e picking up don't forget those refills, we have shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand sanitiser, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, washing up liquid, all the necessities.

Because I live here I am happy for you to pop anytime that is convenient to you to pick up your goodies, I will email you when they are ready and you just need to ket me know when you are coming.

Now you can get what you need, quickly and safely.

I should also take this opportunity to introduce you to the I use to be........... range.

Bees wax wraps, sandwich wraps, scrunchies, snack pouches made from repurposed fabric, some are made from duvets, others made from skirts, I am looking to really push this range, because too much textile waste goes to landfill, and I want to change it.