Father's Day

It's only a few weeks away, but still I have no idea what to get my Dad, my hubby is easy, he needs Flip Flops, he's been wearing these horrible sandal things, that really and truly are horrible! Don't tell him I said that, although I'm sure he sees my face every time he puts them, huge eye roll!!!! Add some surf wax and chocolate, sorted!

But my dad is so difficult. 

Can I get away with giving him something from my own shop? I really don't want to be traipsing around the shops at the moment.

He doesn't surf so no need for surf wax, he uses and electric razor so a safety razor and shaving balm is no good, I could get him a travel insulated bottle, he could pretend he's got coffee in there, but really put whiskey and coke, my mum will never know! I probably shouldn't encourage that!

Oooo a picnic blanket,  it would fit perfectly in the top box on his trike, yes my dad is going through his midlife crisis, perhaps some bamboo cutlery too, that would be perfect for when they are out gallivanting like teenagers on the trike.