Christmas and Fireball!!!

Well we made it to the end of 20210, as this crazy year comes to an end and the season of being merry and eating all the food approaches. We wanted to say the biggest THANK YOU for your support and helping make this business the unexpected success that it is, this year didn't start the way any of us wanted it to, but we have made the best of a really really sucky year and we have survived, and that's down to you guys, every order that has come in has me performing a little dance and a wahoo, even now.

I started this website back in April, because well what else could I do, we already had the majority of the products in the shop ready for the camping season (we own a campsite too, for those that don't know) and with that not happening, I had to do something else, I cannot sit still.

I have loved and embraced every step that this business has gone through this year, some ideas haven't worked but that's life, every morning I have woken up with an excitement to come to work, the checking of the website for orders, the being in the shop and chatting to people, I do love to chat!

When we were in the first lockdown my son and I could get on our bikes and deliver locally, it was such a great bonding experience for us, we would do times tables to take our minds off the fact we were cycling up Mount Everest, if you haven't been to North Devon, the only thing that is flat is the beach! As the season progressed so did the orders, when we were able to open the campsite, the campers loved the shop, it's not what people expect to find on a campsite and some understand why we do what we do, some don't, but I like to talk to them about our ethos and our way of thinking and why it is so important, I jump up on that soap box and struggle to come down from it!

Making that decision to keep it open throughout the winter wasn't an easy one, it did mean that Saturdays were no longer a family day, that I would have to give up my weekends, but we do have Sundays, and as some of you may have seen on my social media, my daughter sometimes comes to work with me on a Saturday and loves it, especially if I have chicken noodle soup!

Giving locals the chance to come up and get all their plastic free goodies, refills, local foods and ales and also supporting local businesses who would normally be at Christmas markets is important to me, the kids understand why we do what we do, around here there isn't really a farm shop, or  any where that local to refill, the nearest is a bout a 20 minute drive away so there is a need for it, because the community around here are want to refill, they see the waste in the ocean everyday. On the plus side the kids get to have a Dad day to themselves, Dad's always do more fun things than Mum's, I think as Mum's we see the sensible, caution side of things, we are naturally protective, although I'll jump on a skateboard with them just like my hubby does, I just won't go as fast!!!  The are 9 and 11 so don't really want to spend that much time with us!

Then there was the explosion which was Christmas orders, that did take me by surprise, the billions of bath bombs, the love for the Christmas crackers to date we have sold 275 Christmas Crackers, which astounds me, 2 years ago I sold 10, last year I sold about 25, and I cannot thank my Mum enough for the help that she gave me on that, she was chief crow sewer. I am already planning next years and I will be in touch with my felt supplier in January to get prepared! I am over the moon that so many people are embracing the change and not having to break traditions.


AI will be closed throughout January, I need a little break just to myself, I have a stock room to tidy, it's like a toddler went in there and threw everything off the shelves, I also need to do a stock take, I have no idea what I have left and I have a puppy to train, what a silly idea that was to get a puppy at Christmas, although it is the best time for us, and so far he is slotting into family life perfectly, even if it is like having a one year old with pin like teeth and no nappy!!

We hope you take the time to relax, reflect, and enjoy the mulled wine and mince pies. We wish you the best Christmas you can possibly have in this current situation, stay safe, stay healthy and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

From me the one who likes to waffle, can you tell, Tim the hubby who has to do the majority of postage runs, keeps my gin glass topped up and supports every crazy idea I have, Harry my 11 year old who takes my mind off cycling up all the hills around here and Esme my little Christmas Elf and chief box folder!

Love to you all and over Christmas I will have a shot of fireball for every  Christmas cracker I have sold, here's to a week long hangover!!!!

Kerry xx