Catching Up!

It's been a long time since I wrote any kind of blog, I have been so caught up with getting the shop ready for the winter, turning it from a campsite shop, full of tent pegs, sleeping bags and other camping essentials to a farm shop, although we have always offered local produce as much as possible to our campers, I want to offer so much more.

Now the shop is full to the brim, with fresh local meat from our local butchers, fresh fruit and veg, cakes and gifts, we also still have all of our lovely plastic free goodies and we have really upped our game on those, we now have a refill area, where you can refill your shampoo, conditioner, washing up liquid and hand sanitiser, we are looking to add more products, maybe washing detergent and fabric conditioner but that's all in time.

I have added some of my house plant babies, over lock down my house turned into a jungle with the amount of re potting I had to do, and family and friends only need so many plants! I love having plants around me, on the dreariest of days they can brighten up a room.

What else have I been doing..... homeware, some new products that I have added to the shop, a few on the website, cushions, made from fabric, clothes, duvet covers and because they have been donated to me, I am donating a portion of the sales onto Plastic Free North Devon a local charity that make it their mission to protect and improve our local environment.

What else............... oh updating the website, not just this blog post, but I have also emailed our newsletter subscribers, I think they thought I had vanished off the face of the earth it had been so long! But also adding products, I had bought so many products through the summer and put in the shop, but had never had the time to get them on the website! 

It's all updated now including the Christmas range, yup, I have added Christmas decorations,  gifts and my reusable Christmas crackers! You read that right crackers that can be used year after year.

I'm sure there is so much more I should be writing about, but I can't think right now, I have a banana cake waiting to be consumed with a cup of tea! 

I'll try and get another post out before Christmas!!