A long hot summer.....

Well that was a fun summer, I think that had to be one of the longest, hardest summers we have ever had to work, which is why I had to snooze this website for a bit, I just couldn't keep up with all the stock, I was selling so much out of our physical shop, I just couldn't keep the stock online updated.

If you don't know, the other side of our business is a campsite based in Woolacombe, North Devon, a very beautiful part of North Devon, with an amazing beach, but that really attracts those tourists!!!

I won't bore you with the details of our summer, but it was filled with blocked drains, broken fridges, busted beds, and campers that weren't suited to camping shall we say, this is being very polite, I am praying that next year will be different/better!!!

At one point we really questioning why we were doing this??!!

Any who, back to this side of the business, the physical shop did amazing, I had so many compliments about the shop, a lot of campers don't expect to find a teeny little farm shop on the campsite they are staying on, especially one like ours that is chock full of lovely little local bits and pieces from fresh local meat to rum made just down the road!

But it was all the plastic free goodies that everyone took home with them, the excitement from people when they realised we had bamboo toothbrushes, beeswax wraps and a refill station, the laundry liquid and the washing up liquid were the most popular, but also so many people came in and filled their shampoos and conditioners to take home, people are really changing, well some, I won't get onto the subject of people leaving tents, windbreaks, air beds and chairs!!

Sorry gone off topic again! 

I am supposed to be telling you about 

1. The Sale, I am going to be having a sale on the 13th September, 12th September for all those signed up to my newsletter, I have bought some (lots) of new stock, and well I need to get rid of the odds and ends of stock to make room for it. It will be 40% off the entire website, no code needed.

2. The plans for the physical shop, I will be opening it through the Autumn/Winter, but I am not fully decided on the plans, dates, times, definitely in the run up to Christmas I will be open as much as possible, but between now and then I need to recover a little bit from the summer (sleep solidly for 3 weeks) and I also want to spend some time with my kids, dragging them to work with me everyday in the summer is not quality time, although my 9 year old is a proper whizz on the till and loves checking in the bookings!

3. Christmas Crackers, I have already started making, and I will be doing pre orders from October, I always feel Christmas shouldn't be discussed until after Halloween, but I was so overwhelmed with orders last year, I have to get my arse in gear sooner this year!

I think that's all I needed to write about, I can always do another blog if something comes up!!!

WAITTTTTT .......................there was something else, the plans for the website, so I really want to go down the route of repurposing fabric, whether that's vintage fabric, old clothes, scraps of felt or duvet covers, if you remember I started doing this at the beginning of the year, but now I really want to concentrate on it, there is tonnes and tonnes of textile waste, and if just for a little while longer that sheet can be repurposed, then I'm going to do it, expect more tote bags, pretty bunting, scrunchies, felt decorations and many many cushions!!!!!

I hope you all had an amazing summer

Sunshine kisses and moonlight hugs xx